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British App Store prices rise more than 25% after Brexit; India and Turkey also see increases

The colossal impacts of Brexit continue to show their reflexes in the most different aspects of the economic world. Today, Apple is announcing changes in the company's pricing policy British App Store because of the devaluation of the pound sterling before international markets. In other words, our friends from the land of the Queen will see an increase of more than 25% (!) In apps from the Apple store. Indians and Turks will also see increases in the near future.

Search Ads from the App Store on iPhonesTo get things done in practical terms: in the UK, until then, a $ 0.99 app cost 0.79; with the change, it will cost 0.99. THE In-App Purchase which releases all levels of Super Mario Run, which costs $ 9.99, goes from 7.99 to 9.99. That is, pound and dollar will have a one-to-one conversion at least in Apple's app stores.

Since the announcement of the UK exit from the European Union, the pound sterling has suffered successive declines in its exchange rate, which motivated Apple's decision to glimpse that perhaps an App Store that covers national values ??is not a idea to so promising, even if we have to put up with real fluctuations here in real time (no pun intended, please) when buying an app in dollars. In time, at first this price increase that will take effect throughout this week is only valid for applications, but the MacRumors points out that it may extend to Apple Music songs, movies and subscriptions soon.

Meanwhile, ndia and Turkey There will also be increases in their App Stores, for different reasons, the country in the Southeast Asia, for example, has a new service tax of 14%, which influenced the decision. It is not yet clear how much the average increase will be in these countries.

(via The Next Web)