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Brazilian app, Vitamenu is a great option for those who want to control diet and weight on their iPhone or iPad

For those who need to lose a few pounds, either by medical guidance or personal desire, the map of the mine is quite simple: regulate the daily intake of calories / fats / carbohydrates and perform physical exercises. The problem is to monitor all of this when we already have thousands of concerns hanging over our heads, but luckily some applications can help with this task.

O Vitamenu one of them.

Vitamenu Food Reeducation app icon

Brazilian application by Zurg Sistemas (if it is a reference to ?Toy Story?, I take off my hat) and entirely in Portuguese, Vitamenu brings an absolutely easy to navigate interface with all the necessary options to record your daily food intake and sessions. exercises, whether on iPhone or iPad (yes, there is a version optimized for tablets).

When configuring the app for the first time, the user enters some information (gender, date of birth, weight and height, among others) and says what the goal is (lose or gain weight, improve food and more) and the expected time for the results. After that, the app gives an estimate of the calories to be consumed each day, and the user controls everything through the huge catalog of pre-existing foods and drinks. If you consume something that is not in the catalog, you can register it manually.

It is also possible to add the exercise sessions performed, and the app itself gives an estimate of the calories expended. At this point, would it be interesting to integrate with the Apple Watch so that this data could be imported automatically and with greater precision, perhaps in a next version?

Overall, Vitamenu perfectly fulfills its function of being a tool for general control of food and exercise. It is available for free on the App Store (as well as on Google Play for Android) and, if you are looking for something like that, it's definitely an option to consider.