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Battery consumption may be one of the reasons why the iPhone 4S continues to have 512MB of RAM

The first tests carried out with the iPhone 4S indicated that the new smartphone from Apple has the same 512MB of RAM as the iPhone 4. In what is a problem, since we saw in the comparative test between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II that numbers in the say a lot.

iPhone 4S watching a movie in the hands

Many speculate that Apple has not put more memory in order not to increase the cost of the device or even because it does not find it necessary. The truth that only Ma knows the real reason. However, John Gruber may have killed the charade and it came directly from Microsoft, via an article on the company's blog. Speaking specifically of the relationship of the new Windows 8 with RAM, Steven Sinofsky hinted:

Something that may not be obvious is that memory usage minimized on low-power platforms can prolong battery life. Huh? On any PC, RAM consumes constantly. If an operating system uses a lot of memory, it can force device manufacturers to include more physical RAM. The more RAM you have, the more power you can give the machine, on the other hand, reduce battery life. Having more memory on a tablet, can, in some instances, greatly reduce the battery in some cases can end up with days of standby.

Again, the ultimate experience is what counts. What is the use of having the fastest cell phone, if the battery will only last a few (few) hours?