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Apple's latest transparency report shows leap in government requests related to national security

For some years now, Apple has released a semi-annual report revealing the numbers of requests from governments and security agencies around the world related to iCloud user, device and account data. The most recent document, referring to the first half of 2017, was released today and shows some very intriguing trends.

According to the report, Ma received, throughout the period, 30,814 orders governments around the world, reaching 233,052 devices altogether; of these, about 80% of the requirements were met (more precisely, 23,856 of them). The number is slightly lower than the index for the same period last year, when 33,006 orders were placed Apple in that period, however, the company met only 72% of the requirements.

Analyzing only the U.S, a number that grew alarmingly was requests related to national security, that is, requests made within the FISA program to investigate terrorist threats and other international suspects. Between 13,250 and 13,499 orders of this nature were made in the first half of 2017, an alarming jump from the 2,750 and 2,999 orders registered in the first half of last year. Indeed, President Donald Trump's influence can be felt in places we never expected.

Regarding our dear Federative Republic, Apple received from the Brazil 182 data requests involving 1,511 devices; of these, 137 requests (or 75%) were met. The number practically doubled in relation to the same period last year, but here, too, will we be feeling the reflexes of the new (?) Administration?

Ma's full report can be read through this link (PDF) and, on this page, it is possible to access all previous documents on the topic.

via MacRumors