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Apple would be looking for new suppliers to supply DRAM and NAND flash memories

Solid state memory, NAND flashWith regard to processors, Apple has already arrived at Samsung, signing a contract with TSMC. Today's news, brought by DigiTimes, says that Ma would also be willing to play the Sammy for cornering in the supply of memories.

According to the Asian vehicle, Apple has increased its orders for DRAM and NAND flash in Japan, and suppliers Toshiba and Elpida Memory are the most listed as beneficiaries.

Apple signed a $ 7.8 billion contract with Apple Sammy, quickly becoming the largest customer in South Korea. But, as you may already be tired of knowing, the current 21 (!) Lawsuits between companies 22 are right there, around the corner certainly hurt Ma's plans. Nothing is more natural than, now, each one seeks to walk with their own legs, or at least with the ?help? of other companies. And, as we can see from this graph, the dependency is, in fact, decreasing.

As a curiosity, the Sammy today it holds 40% of the DRAM memory market and 30% of the NAND flash market. Certainly the loss of a customer like Apple considerably reduces these numbers, after all, the Cupertino firm today is the largest memory buyer in the world.

(via MacRumors)