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Apple will integrate American program that allows health solutions to be approved much faster

THE Apple was one of nine technology companies chosen by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) a body that takes care of the regulation of food and medicine in the United States to integrate a pilot program that aims to allow health products to be developed and launched with less delay.

THE Bloomberg told more about the FDA announcement and its intent with the program:

The FDA program is designed to help companies develop new products more quickly, while maintaining some government oversight of technologies that can be used by patients or their doctors to prevent, diagnose and treat conditions.

Called Pre-Cert, the pilot program will allow the FDA to examine companies' digital health solutions and inspect facilities to ensure that everything is within the required quality standards.

After the agency's audit, companies may receive pre-certification, which will allow them to go through either a less stringent FDA approval process or even go through that process. A great example for us to understand the importance of this was given by Bloomberg:

Apple is studying whether its watch can detect cardiac abnormalities. The process to be carried out to make sure you are using sound quality metrics and other measures will not be as expensive and time-consuming, as when the government approves a new pacemaker, for example.

As Apple strives to improve its health initiatives more and more, with this faster approval, it could go much further and try to regularize more elaborate projects, such as the rumored glucose meter, among many others.

In the end, who can take advantage of all the solutions of these companies much more quickly and improve the quality of life is us. So, something more than welcome!

via Patently Apple