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Apple will donate $ 1 million to victims and recovery efforts after wildfire in Northern California

Northern state California, Apple's homeland and a large part of American technology companies, has been devastated since last Sunday by the most violent forest fire in recent decades. The fire, which has yet to be contained, is spreading in large strides and has already caused the death of 24 people and the disappearance of 436 others, in addition to having destroyed, so far, more than 3,500 structures of all types; meanwhile, thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes so as not to take risks.

Yesterday, Tim Cook had already commented on the tragedy on Twitter:

Our thoughts are with our neighbors and friends from Bay Area (Baa area) affected by forest fires. Please protect yourself! Apple will make a donation to the aid brigades.

The amount that Apple donates to the brigades will be $ 1 million, as revealed today by the company itself. In addition, to encourage contributions from its employees, Apple will triple every dollar they donate to brigades (that is, for every dollar donated by an employee, Ma will donate two more).

The Cupertino giant, of course, is not alone in its initiative to contribute to the aid brigades: the Facebook also donate $ 1 million, while the Google contribute $ 500,000. O Uber, in turn, is offering free or discounted runs to public libraries in San Francisco with filtered air; the smoke generated by the fires is severely affecting the breathing of residents of areas close to the fire.

via Apple World Today