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Apple says it is investigating 2 (yes, two) cases of iPhones 8 Plus that "opened" while recharging

The world media / blogosphere has learned for years that any controversy involving Apple generates a lot of audience, so it is normal to try to make a big deal about every little thing that comes up around it.

Last week for c, emerged in China two cases in iPhones 8 Plus that would have ?opened? while recharging this normally happens when the battery swells / stove. Two cases in a universe of millions are obviously nothing to worry about, but Apple has already tried to step in and said it is investigating both.

"We are aware of and analyzing what may have happened," said a spokesman for the company.

One of the affected consumers has already sent his Apple device back for review and says he used the original charger. It is important to note this, as one of the most common causes of electronics in general presenting problems of this type through the use of cables / vagabond adapters.

It's not entirely uncommon for lithium-ion batteries to swell / swell that way, too, but it's not expected on a newly released device like the iPhone 8 Plus. In these cases, it is recommended that the device be switched off and immediately referred for technical assistance.

A year and a half ago, it is worth remembering, Apple extended its service to iPhones with swollen / inflated batteries. Now, the term of up to five years from the original date of purchase of the device (yes, even if it is already out of warranty).

via TNW, AppleInsider