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Apple guarantees fourth place on the list of ideal employers, in front of Facebook, Tesla and others

A new survey by Dice Insights listed companies that are considered ?ideal employers?, that is, the places where technology professionals most enjoy working.

Between June and August this year, 5,500 technology professionals were interviewed; each had to list their three favorite companies, as well as their strengths and the most important characteristics they look for in an employer.

Dice list of employers

On a Top 30 in the United States, Apple stayed in fourth place; above it were the giants Microsoft (3), Amazon (2) and Google (1). Ma still got a better position than other very important companies like Facebook (5), IBM (6), The Walt Disney Company (7) and Tesla (8).

When asked the professionals what most interests an employer, they mentioned: competitive wages (84%), challenging work (83%), benefits (82%), positive corporate culture (81%) and transparent communication (80%) as the most important factors.

The results of the research probably refer to Apple's corporate positions, that is, they do not take into account the work in its stores around the world, which perhaps could change the ranking a little bit in some way. Either way, it must be a good experience to work for all these tech giants.

via Apple World Today