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Apple acquires French startup Regaind, specializing in computer vision to analyze photo content

According to TechCrunch, Apple acquired (apparently not now, but earlier this year) the French startup Regaind, specializing in computer vision to analyze content of photos, the value of the transaction was not informed. Sought to confirm the acquisition, Ma does what it always does: it declared that "it buys small technology companies from time to time and that it generally does not discuss its purposes or plans".

As we know, Apple added a smart search to the Photos app some time ago. In it (both on iOS and macOS), it is possible to search for example "beach", "food" or "dog" that the application will show photos with such themes, regardless of whether you have placed tags or something like that to identify what they are of beach, food or dog photos.

How does it happen? Simple: the system analyzes your photo library when you are not using the device and it is properly connected to the power. When you are sleeping, for example, and you leave your iPhone recharging, iOS scans your photo library to find out what it is about and help with this catalog.

Facial / face recognition

Regaind's technology, according to the TechCrunch, it goes beyond because it also works with technical and aesthetic values ??of your photos. For example, if you take multiple photos in burst, the French technology could automatically find the best photo and select it as the main one. Another example of the technology automatically hiding duplicate images. Regaind also analyzes faces to determine gender, age and emotion.

Even with the acquisition taking place at the beginning of the year, no one is sure whether Apple had the time to incorporate the technology into its new systems. There is, however, the possibility that part of that knowledge was applied to the Face ID feature or even to Animojis tracking, obviously, this was not Apple's only acquisition in this segment; Emotient shows us that the company has been investing in this for some time.

Who knows more information about this will appear now, after the announcement of the acquisition.