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Another bug discovered allows to lock iPhones by sending special messages

Let's recap some recent cases, not so much of iPhones crashing due to bugs in the Messages app (Messages):

Behold, one more has just appeared, according to the EverythingApplePro (yes, again he) shows in the video above.

This time, a small string of characters involving a rainbow Emoji causes the iPhone to crash completely and immediately upon receiving the message and there are still two "variants" of how it can be triggered. There is no time for the notification to appear push that is, the person does not even need to open it.

The bug affects iPhones running from iOS 10.0 the latest version, to 10.2.1 (which is still in testing). Fortunately, the lock in the ?eternal?; after 1-3 minutes, the iPhone can go back to life on its own, but whoever wants to can access this link as a way of emergency / immediate correction.

We hope that, even before the release of iOS 10.2.1 for all users, this bug is fixed by Apple.

(via Cult of Mac)