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Wrapsol offers great protection films for iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks

Wrapsol on iPhone 4Many of you may already know or even use protective films in your gadgets, but today we are here to present one that we recommend with a closed eye to the Wrapsol line.

As usual, her films are great for avoiding dirt, fingerprints and scratches on her devices, but Wrapsol's technology goes further: with this ?simple? film (yes, without altering the original look of the product in any way) , you also protect your gadget from damage from falls.

Another advantage of Wrapsol films over competitors is that they are applied without the use of liquids and in very few minutes. After application, they are as smooth as native glass.

See this stress test with an iPhone 4:

And here, their promotional video:

Wrapsol films are available in versions for iPhones 3GS / 4 / 4S, both generations of iPads, iPod nano and touch, and even MacBooks Air and Pro. Prices are quite varied and also include models with privacy layer, which prevent people around you from viewing the screen from a certain angle.

Wrapsol products can be purchased online and shipped to Brazil, but the manufacturer is also looking for local distributors. Interested companies should contact gb2 Marketing.