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What some years don't: comparison shows photos taken by all generations of the iPhone

Today's children do not know how much they have all the best and the best! At the my time, back in 2007, an iPhone couldn?t take decent photos even from Twitter, let alone Flickr! And today what do we have? Eight megapixels, 1080p, automatic stabilization, five lenses, HDR and the kitchen sink, all in a device that is thinner, lighter and more powerful than the first model, launched four years ago! #GetOffMyLawn

To make matters worse, there is still a little girl named Lisa Bettany (she worked on a Camera +, which is a hit with the kids) comparing all generations of iPhones with each other and with a camera point-and-shoot $ 500 and another, professional, $ 4,000. Where does this world go ?!

Comparison of iPhones photos

Your vision will go the other way, you can prepare.

Above you see a montage that runs through the four (that look like forty) years of evolution of the iPhone camera, it would not be an exaggeration to say, I believe, that the front camera of the iPhone 4 / 4S is better than the rear of the first iPhones. This was just an appetizer: the complete comparison of gaping and, in addition to this macro, it also includes a modality landscape in which the professional camera shines.

Want more? How about this?

Photograph of a flower - iPhone 4S

This is a tiny bit of one of the many impressive macros that Lisa Bettany has produced to test how far the good vision of the iPhone 4S goes. Not bad for a cell phone, not bad same.

What will be on an iPhone in four more years? Holograms?

(via Daring Fireball)