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WDS research reveals that Androids are the least reliable hardware smartphones… or worse, I don't know

In a survey conducted between July 2010 and August 2011 in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, WDS (a company that offers services to operators) estimated that, out of 600,000 support calls, 12.6 % were related to hardware failures in some Android model. In contrast, only 9.3% involved hardware problems with Windows Phones, 8% with iPhones and 5.5% with BlackBerries.

Broken Android

?One thing that needs to be made absolutely clear,? said Tim Deluca-Smith, vice president of marketing at WDS, ?that our analysis found no inherent problems with the Android platform. Its openness has allowed the ecosystem to grow at a phenomenal size, at a phenomenal pace, and this success is proving to be challenging. ? That is, hardware failures are a sign that Android is winning. Hi, logical?

"The experience of an Android user is very different between devices and that means that the way Android devices are sold and supported should take into account the quality of the hardware and components." Ah, I see, not all Androids are born the same: some are of high quality, others are garbage (and the latter, a detail, that make Google puff up the chest and say ?We have a little bit of activations per second?). In the meantime, operators are bearing about $ 2 billion in repair costs.

Looking at these numbers, however, I have another explanation, and she gets rid of Android's face epically you might be surprised! When the iPhone breaks, who do you call? For Apple. When a BlackBerry breaks, who do you call? For Research In Motion. What is the number of Google's customer service, really? A-h. Yes, the fact that there are Androids of all flavors, prices, sizes and quality levels helps to put more garbage on the market (and garbage breaks), but I believe that the fact that consumers know who to call in case of an accident may have played a big factor in this research. After all, if Google doesn't support Android and manufacturers aren't available to consumers, who is left for? For operators exactly where the data came from.

In that light, you can be amazed at the number of Windows Phone: how can a platform in extinction still be responsible for almost 10% of hardware failures in such a survey?

Hmmm Maybe that is exactly why this platform is in extinction. : – /

(via BGR)