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Was the Mac Pro in limbo, waiting to be eliminated for good?

New Mac Pro tower seen from the side and bottomOf all the Macs, the Mac Pro is definitely the one who feels most lonely now. Without Thunderbolt, without updates for months, without any love coming your way, Apple's professional tower looks forward to the next generation of Intel processors in order to be happy again. Information obtained by AppleInsider, however, reveal that the future of this machine is not promising.

Sources familiar with Infinite Loop are saying that the Mac Pro has been thrown into limbo since May and that the continuity of its existence is in check because of the very few sales it would be barely making Apple profits. To make matters worse, the fact that all current Macs have Thunderbolt ports would have removed one of its few unique features from the tower: expansion via PCI Express.

It turns out that Thunderbolt is nothing more than PCI Express on a cable, which allows the appearance of accessories like the ExpressBox 3T. In addition to the fact that few people buy Macs Pro exclusively because of their well-developed processors, the prospects are not good.

quite capable of, in 2012, the Mac Pro going to join Xserve. If so, be the end of the sexiest cheese grater in history: – /