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Supposed iPad 3 component may indicate reduction in the size of the 30-pin dock

The Japanese blog MAC he had access to two interesting pieces of information, fresh from the main oven of the rumored industry: the first concerns the iPad 3, more specifically its 30-pin connector. A piece obtained from an Asian supplier indicates that Apple may be preparing to follow the light to finally make a change in that pattern, reducing its size. This, of course, will generate all kinds of inconvenience and #mimimi, as current accessories would become incompatible with the new tablet.

Supposed 30-pin iPad 3 connector

Still on the next generation of the iPad, the position of the Chinese holiday celebrations in 2012, from 22 to 28 January, may have influenced the launching window of the new gadget: it is possible that it will arrive in stores already in March of the year that comes, and it is said that it will have a screen with the same dimensions (but not necessarily the same resolution) as the second generation.

Okay, now let?s another information (this, without any guarantee): this new iPad can have the black and white case (yep, the rear). soft? No, no, just have more! The iOS family will be able to gain another member, in addition to the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Who to be?

And the cycle and rumor, release, rumor continues

(via AppleInsider)