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Steve Wozniak won't buy an iPhone X at launch (but his wife does, hehe)

The consumer in general usually looks at product launches and evaluates if what they offer interests him / it will make a difference in his life and, mainly, if he can pay for it.

A geek with a plump bank account doesn't have to think about it too much. Usually they fall into the category of Early adoptersThat is, they buy everything that comes up again in the world of technology because they like and want what's new / different around them.

the case of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. But this time, with the iPhone X, he said CNBC who saw no reason to buy the device right at its launch.

I prefer to wait and watch, in this case. I am happy with my iPhone 8 which is the same as the iPhone 7, the same as the iPhone 6. For some reason, the iPhone X will be the first iPhone that I will not update on the first day. But my wife will go, so I will have one up close to check.

Going back to the general consumer, I also understand that the ?great mass? gives much more value to exterior changes (in design) than interiors, but I am very impressed by someone like Woz saying that iPhones have hardly changed (or haven't they changed at all? ) in recent years.

Being quite fair to Woz, he also stated in the same interview that he hasn't actually given much thought to smartphones today, being more interested in electric cars and the like. A, okay ?

via Cult of Mac