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Software for filing the Income Tax 2017 is now available for download

THE Brazil's federal revenue today released the software to declare the Personal Income Tax 2017, which is based on the year 2016. The declaration, however, can only be sent from next Thursday (March 2), with the deadline on April 28.

The sooner you send the revenue information, the greater the chances of receiving the tax refund on the first batches, which should be released from June 16 and continue until December (for taxpayers who do not need the fine mesh). Bearing in mind that the elderly, people with severe disease and the physically or mentally disabled have priority.

Those who do not make the declaration or deliver it after the deadline will have to pay a fine of at least R $ 165.74. Each day, the Revenue charges interest equivalent to the percentage of 1% per month up to a limit of 20% of the total tax due in 2016.


There are some changes in this year's program, such as a new automatic update functionality of the declaration generator program, in which it is possible to update the version of the application without having to download it from the Recipe website. The update can be done automatically when opening the software or you can go to the menu and choose the option Tools Check for Updates.

This year, for the submission of the declaration, there is no need to install the Receitanet software as it was incorporated into the PGD IRPF 2017.

When entering or importing a name for a CPF / CNPJ, the system stores it to facilitate future filling. The stored names are those informed by the declarant, either manually or through the import functionalities. After stored, the fields referring to the names will be filled automatically according to the CPF / CNPJ entered. The feature can be disabled in the menu Name Recovery Tools.

The forms "Income tax exempt and non-taxable" and "Income subject to exclusive / definitive taxation" have been remodeled and have the tabs "Income" and "Totals". The information is inserted in "Income", selecting the type of income.

The request for cell phone and email is made with the aim of expanding the information on the registration of natural persons, according to the IRS, which studies secure mechanisms for communication with the taxpayer. However, this communication will be made after the disclosure and prior authorization of the declarant.

Who should declare

The mandatory declaration for Individuals residing in Brazil who received taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in the past year, adjusted by 1.5% compared to the 2015 income. They must also declare taxpayers who received exempt, non-taxable income. or taxed exclusively at source, the sum of which was greater than R $ 40,000.00 last year; who obtained, in any month of 2016, capital gain on the sale of goods or rights subject to the tax or carried out operations on stock exchanges, commodities, futures and the like; who had gross revenue in an amount greater than R $ 142,798.50 in rural activity; who had, on December 31, the possession or ownership of goods or rights, including bare land, with a total value exceeding R $ 300,000.00; and who became a resident in Brazil in any month and in that condition was on December 31, 2016.

The taxpayer must list in the declaration assets and rights in Brazil and abroad, as well as debts.

Current account balances below R $ 140.00, goods below R $ 5,000.00 (except cars, boats and airplanes) and stocks, gold and assets in amounts less than R $ 1,000.00, as well as debts less than R $ 5,000.00 as of December 31, 2016, they do not need to enter the statement.

Those who need to pay tax can divide the amount up to 8x, with a minimum installment of R $ 50.00. If the tax is less than R $ 100.00, the tax must be paid at once.

One of the novelties this year is that taxpayers will have to inform the CPF of people listed as dependents and who are 12 years old or older, completed by the date of December 31, 2016. Until last year, the requirement was for dependents above 14 years.

Declaration templates and deductions

The taxpayer who opts for the simplified model will have a deduction of 20% of the value of taxable income, limited to R $ 16,754.34.

For those who choose the complete declaration model, more suitable for those who have dependents and high expenses with health and education, the deduction limits are: R $ 2,275.08 with dependents, R $ 3,561.50 for education expenses and R $ 1,093, 77 of the employer's contribution as a domestic employer. There is no limit for deducting medical expenses.


If the statement is delivered on time and the taxpayer finds errors, omissions or inaccuracies, he can deliver a rectifying statement at any time to make corrections, without paying any late fees.

In spite of not paying a fine, when changing, those who went ahead to have priority in the refund lose the advantage since the date of the rectifying declaration overlaps the date of the original declaration.


Here is the 2017 Income Tax refund schedule:

  • 1 lot: June 16
  • 2 lot: July 17
  • 3 lot: August 15th
  • 4 lot: September 15th
  • 5 lot: October 16
  • 6 lot: November 16
  • Lot 7: December 15

Mobile applications

The option of making the statement by tablet or smartphone also exists, however, in a slightly more restricted way, with no income above R $ 10,000,000.00, or coming from abroad, nor capital gains. The apps for this, however, are not yet available in the app stores (such as the App Store and Google Play) or have not been updated.

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The IRS expects to receive 28.5 million statements in 2016 last year, 27.9 million people were accountable.

(via G1,, Folha)