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Research could lead to batteries with ten times more energy and ten times faster

Science from time to time makes its leaps, but it is normal that it walks slowly and always, advancing little by little. The results of a survey conducted at Northwestern University indicate that two more steps have been taken towards much more powerful and easier lithium ion batteries. When changing the layers of graphene present in ordinary batteries with nanoclusters of silicon and microperforations, the researchers were able to increase the load capacity tenfold, in addition to allowing refills to be also faster.

Doing the math, this means that a MacBook Air could run for two days without plugging, but it would take the same time as today to return to full charge. Incredible, isn't it? Now imagine this with an iPad: four days of non-stop video! #Brainsplodes

Only that this advance should still take some time to reach us: for now, batteries with these characteristics have a useful life not very "green", so to speak. After a mere 150 cycles, their performance is already halved, both in load gain and recharge speed. If (or when) you manage to circumvent this limitation, you can prepare.

How many charges would a Kindle with such a battery need in a lifetime?

(via TechCrunch)