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Renders imagine what an entire Apple product line would look like with an iPhone X-inspired design

The Germans of CURVED / labs had imagined an ?iPhone SE Plus? with the screen occupying its entire front part, but without the cutout (notch) highlighted from iPhone X.

Now, they took that idea and adapted the concept of the iPhone SE not only, but they also took it to possible future generations of the iPad, Apple Watch, iMac and MacBook.

Personally, I do not see Apple launching yet another generation of iPhone with the recycled design of the 5 / 5s as the SE, but I think it is perfectly possible that in the future the iPhone X proposal will generate larger versions and maybe even smaller ones of the smartphone.

In my opinion, the renders from the iPad and Apple Watch were really cool and I can already see how Ma could implement a camera in her watch. I didn't like the look of Macs very much, especially this thin black menu bar at the top with the cutout in the middle. I think it could be improved

Obviously, you can already imagine that all of them would gradually also adopt OLED screens. But, for that, the industry really needs to prepare to meet demand. If only the iPhone X is already seen as a major problem in this regard, let alone all these product lines together.

via 9to5Mac