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Recent updates on the App Store: Snapchat, Twitter, Fantastical 2, Dropbox, Chrome and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Snapchat app icon

Create Snapcodes! Open the settings to create a Snapcode for any website! Your friends will see an option to open the website within Snapchat when they take a Snap off your Snapcode.

Twitter app icon

Featuring the ?Explore? tab, a unique destination for discovering content. Outside of your timeline, trends show what topics are being discussed now, moments capture the most popular stories for you to stay on top of, and search helps you find anything.

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Stickers for iMessage, rich notifications to see even more information, new haptic feedbacks (on iPhone 7), improvements to support Dynamic Type, now the app only uses location when it's open and more!

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one (without the haptic feedback part), in iPad version.

Dropbox app icon

Folders can now be made available offline (Dropbox Pro and Dropbox Business users only).

Google Chrome app icon

Read a QR code or barcode using 3D Touch on the app logo or by searching for ?QR? in Spotlight; reformulation of the tab switcher layout on the iPad to facilitate access to your open websites.

YouTube app icon

Control, through the Lock Screen or via the Control Center, the videos while casting to Chromecast devices, smart TVs, game consoles or any other living room device with the YouTube app; access controls on the Apple Watch paired during transmissions.

Sorry, app not found.

Choose your photos faster by viewing them in minimized mode, select multiple photos to upload at once, crop your profile photo and resize it perfectly.

Snapseed app icon

New tool for precise control of brightness levels in your photos (curves); enhanced face detection; added the ability to force line breaks in multiline text styles and improved grain quality (black and white).

Microsoft Outlook app icon

Bring the apps you love to your Inbox. Outlook add-ins now allow you to turn any email into a Trello card, save conversations to Evernote, translate messages in seconds and more. Check your list of supplements and activate them at Add-in Settings available for Office 365 and gradually deployed to

Nike Run Club app icon

Improved reliability for heart rate data transfers to the phone; improved experience when running with your watch and phone (start the run using your phone and your watch app starts automatically); improved tennis marking functions, including the possibility of retiring a tennis shoe (slide to retire your tennis shoe directly in the profile or details of the run); facilitating race selection based on goals (select Distance or Duration to monitor a race based on goal, and receive audio feedback on your device as it approaches your goal you can also select Speed ??to monitor an interval running workout ).

GoPro app icon

Open photos and videos in Quik, a free editing application, directly from Capture to get a video almost instantly. In Capture, select the media you want to use, tap the Quik icon and let the application do the editing. Portuguese language support and possibility to skip access when offline.

Plex app icon: Movies, TV, Music + more

The media exclusion was moved to the pre-play context menu and expanded to include shows, seasons, artists and albums; view the context menu for the search results by long press (3D Touch); adjust the quality of the video reproduction individually for different types of connection in ?Advanced settings?; play queues can now be saved to a new or existing playlist; see the upload status of the camera in the library selector menu; shortcut in the app's cone or widget for the latest content and more!

AmpMe - Speaker Booster app icon

Integration with Spotify!

Viber Messenger app icon

Set time limits for messages to self-destruct after they have been opened; keep photos and videos in their original size and quality when you choose to send them as files; see the content of your chats by expanding notifications on iOS 10; touch and hold the instant video icon to capture the moment with 30-second video release to send.

ESPN app icon: Live videos and games

Gesture about the news on the Home Screen to see the collection Headlines you will receive the seven best stories of the day; Caribbean Series and Classic World Baseball have been added to the sports list; check out the latest results, news and games in Spanish on ESPN Deportes.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Addition of a new category in the "Search" tab that includes services you may be interested in, based on the applications on the device; improvements in the sign-up experience for new users; prompt for more details when you delete a Applet that uses a mobile service.

AutoSleep app icon. Monitor your sleep.

Support for watchOS 3.1.3, better initial configuration, improvements to the interface and analysis of sleep quality. Support for new languages ??(Portuguese still out, however).

Adidas Training by Runtastic app icon

More tips on your feed news: in addition to monitoring the activities of your friends, you will have access to a content full of health tips and fitness to live better.

GIF Keyboard app icon

Touch a username to see someone's profile and follow them. GIFs from people you follow will appear at the top of your search results.

App icon 1 Second Everyday: Daily video

Added a configuration to recover lost fragments and place them in a new freestyle project; always save videos to your photo library when recording a video, keeping the record button pressed even if you do not replace the snippet today by the new video; if you have an edited version of a Live Photo, take the edited video that corresponds to the thumbnail you played on.

American Airlines app icon

Update on Los Angeles airport (LAX) maps.

Sorry, app not found.

Now you can comment during the games, see the weather forecast for the games and more!

Weather Line app icon

The hours are now used to calculate and validate daily temperatures (high / low) for each location using the local times for sunset and sunrise; touch the widget to open the application; and new formatting of weather alerts.

The Simpsons ? Springfield app icon

Why travel to see famous landmarks outside the country when you can build cheap replicas at home? Make Springfield the biggest tourist trap in the world, take this Branson, Missouri with illustrious monuments, picturesque characters, a global epidemic and even more so that your city becomes the hottest international destination?

Temple Run 2 app icon

Valentine's Day update (there in the USA): dress to impress with the new Romeo outfit for Zack Wonder, unlock the valentine hat by collecting artifacts lovey dovey, compete in new global challenges for exclusive awards.

Asked app icon

Extension of the deadline for the Christmas duels and improvements to the user interface.

Sorry, app not found.

Improved interface and new tips stay in the game!