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Reading tip: how Apple can guarantee its advantage by buying everything in HUGE quantities

A text published today by Bloomberg Businessweek brings a lot of curiosities about what goes on behind the curtains when it comes to Apple operations: how does it manage to guarantee the supply of exclusive components and tools at such attractive prices? Hoarding, a word that means ?accumulation?, at the letter of the letter, but which today is used to refer to the behavior of some individuals who compel junk compulsively.

Hoarder dog

When Jony Ive was embarrassed by the idea of ??making the iSight activity indicator (today FaceTime Camera) shine through the MacBook Air aluminum, damn the world, Physics and the fact that metals did not allow light to pass through: it was behind a way to do this and not only found out, but also immediately guaranteed the purchase of hundreds of lasers capable of solving this problem.

Here you don't see

Click to see the light!

This ends up causing Apple to create one monopsony after another, which bothers some companies: certain component suppliers refuse offers from Ma, because they think that this would generate too much dependence and could push prices down. Not to mention that the demand and secrecy are tremendous, Apple even used boxes of tomatoes to send lots of secret products. Hmmm why not bad?

From lasers to memories, through LCDs and air freight, everything Apple buys, it buys in absurdly large quantities, in order to guarantee everything good and the best, but at a competitive price. That was the secret behind the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and future products that are yet to come Gene Munster bets, of course, on an iTV, the great passion of his life.

(via MacStories)