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Reading tip: ARM's Cortex A15 is a serious candidate for a future iPad… or MacBook

Cortex A15The past of Mac OS X condemns him: he has lived a secret double life for several years, divided between PowerPC and Intel processors. Who guarantees that he is not doing the same thing now, giving a sanctuary in our Core 2 Duo and Core i, while circulating the corridors of Infinite Loop combined with some prototype ARM processor?

If that possibility attracts your curiosity and you understand something from the soul of processors, it is worth reading this article from WIRED about the Cortex A15, whose architecture is expected to hit the market in the second half of next year.

One of the great strengths of the A15, at least as far as I could capture the article, its pipeline out of order: it would make it possible to achieve the performance of average x86 processors without incurring absurd energy consumption, which is the holy grail of mobile processors.

Now how about a curiosity about the PowerPC / Intel transition? (Sit down, here comes the story!) On the day of the keynote that revealed the transition to Macs to the world, Jobs had two keynotes prepared: in one, Apple embraced Intel's x86 architecture; on the other, Macs would remain PowerPC. The final decision was made in the morning of the presentation and took everyone by surprise.

In the end, Jobs liked to have options, and it seems that things are no different today if there is no ?if? regarding a version of OS X Lion adapted for ARM processors. If Apple is going to bet on a return to the time when its computers were different from PCs also on the hardware that moved them, the other story. At this point, we can at least hope that all this processing power of the Cortex A15 reaches iGadgetsbecause there is no "if" in it.

P.S .: If you were confused by this story of A15, thinking that he is some (tri) distant relative of the Apple A5, you were not the only one. Know that the ?lineages? / Cortex and Apple numbers of mobile processors are not directly related.