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Price structure of processors to be used in new Macs Pro appears

It's already sort of grounded in the popular imagination that we will only see an update to Apple's Mac Pro line when Intel launches new processors, and we suspect that this will only happen next year. While that time does not arrive, the CPU World got a table with the prices of all future Xeon E5 processors from Chipzilla. This means that, comparing the price structure of the current generation with that of the next generation, you can get an idea of ??which processors Ma will use in its professional machines.

Processor prices for Macs Pro

This is precisely what MacRumors did, reaching the table above. Generally speaking, Macs Pro with two processors should earn four additional cores (two on each chip), but it is possible that they will be a little more expensive, taking into account only the prices of these components. J the Mac Pro with only one chip should benefit from more clock in the base model and two extra cores in the middle, but still for slightly higher prices.

One way or another, I imagine that, from a certain point, worrying about $ 200 more or less on a machine up to $ 5,000 is a little irrelevant. Let's say, in the case of the Mac Pro, if you need to ask how much it costs, a sign that you can't afford it.