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New trial version of Opera browser comes with redesigned interface and new features

After Safari, Chrome and Firefox, the browser Opera It is the most used by Mac users around the world and, of these four, certainly the one that most likes to experiment with more modern interfaces and innovative features (besides, inevitably, some unnecessary frills that end up forgotten by time).

Because Opera Software, a Norwegian company (and later bought by Chinese entrepreneurs) that created the browser, yesterday released a new version of browser tests that brings almost that: new look, new features and (probably) no useless veneer.

New Opera 44

The new Opera interface is the result of a project developed within the company called Reborn. The main priorities of the project are to bring more smooth navigation to the browser, greater refinement in details and optimization in the graphics to demand less from the machines.

Although the browser is multiplatform, with versions for Windows and macOS, the new design seems to talk much better with the Microsoft operating system, the square elements, solid colors and large cones, seem to have come directly from Windows 10 and may look a little displaced in the most colorful environment on the Mac. Still, at least one good news can be used to the fullest by users of Ma?s computers: one dark mode which adapts perfectly to the dark mode of the latest versions of macOS.

One of the elements that stands out the most in this new version of Opera is the new sidebar, whose inspiration comes directly from Opera Neon. It has the main functions of the browser, such as bookmarks, history, extensions and resource sites speed dial (fast navigation) everything can be properly customized by the user, of course.

New Opera 44

There is also a very interesting integration with Facebook Messenger that shows your notifications and opens a little window popup so you can chat with your contacts without leaving the current tab. Opera Software's idea of ??using this extension as an example so that developers can make their own little programs that take advantage of the sidebar, the bar, by the way, will be activated by default in all new browser downloads, but old users should activate it. manually when they update.

Opera 44, for now, is only available in version for developers; As is common in the browser update cycle, changes arrive in these versions first and, a few months later, are reflected in the final product for consumers. It is worth taking a look at the download links for the trial versions are available at the end of this page.

(via TechCrunch)