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Needham & Co .: Mac surpasses world market share of 5%

And the Mac seems to have returned to a world share that it hasn't held since 1996: 15 years ago, Apple owned a market share in computers above 5%. Now, it returns to the same brand and, evidently, the Asia / Pacific region has a large share in this growth.

Needham on Mac's market share

According to analyst Charlie Wolf, of Needham & Co., for the 22 consecutive quarter (that is, five and a half years), Apple surpassed the industry average in PC sales growth. As we disclose here on the website, it sold 4 , 89 million Macs in its last fiscal quarter and could surpass 5 million in the current period.

As with smartphones, Apple's share of profits is much higher than that of sales. Although it now has 5.2% in units, it has captured 14% of profits from worldwide computer sales. Not bad, for just one manufacturer.

(via AppleInsider)