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iPhone 8 helps Apple grow 40% in China after six consecutive quarters of decline

Although we have already heard that the number of sales iPhone 8 low (or not so much), the new Apple device helped the company to grow again in one of the most populous countries in the world, as shown by a survey by Canalys.

I speak, of course, of China, which has one of the most important markets in the world (if not the "most"), where Ma has faced a decline in sales of its devices for a period of six quarters.

The survey now reveals that with the launch of the iPhone 8, sales in the country have grown 40% year on year comparison. The data analysis firm said third-quarter sales, which include the iPhone 8, reached 11 million units, against 8 million in the same quarter last year.

We cannot say with certainty, but the numbers can be a proof of what we said in this post, that the number ?8?, together with golden color, are very important symbols in Chinese culture and, therefore, it was certain that he would sell well there .

But although this is a great news, Ma has not managed to reach the top of sales in China. This is because other companies have also experienced growth in the country, which has resulted in Apple placing 5th in the ranking of companies with the best-selling handsets there. At the top of the list was Huawei (22 million), followed by Oppo (21 million), Vivo (20 million) and Xiaomi (15 million).

Canalys iPhones China

This growth at Apple comes at a great time, but analyst Mo Jia said that it may not last as long, not even with the launch of the iPhone X.

Apple's growth this quarter is only temporary. The high volume of sales meets demand from those who would already change their iPhone before the iPhone X came. The price cuts on previous models after the iPhone 8 announcement also helped. However, Apple is unlikely to sustain this growth in the fourth quarter.

While the popularity of the iPhone X is good in China and the company is likely to see a "healthy" number of sales, Jia said it was "unlikely that sales will be able to help Apple in the short term."

As I say, China seems to be really a ?parallel universe?, so everything that happens in the West does not seem to affect (or affect the country differently); So, while the rest of the world waits for the iPhone X to be officially launched on November 3, the ?big expected? of the country has really been the iPhone 8, for all that it means. But, as always, we will need to wait for the official numbers for the new quarter to appear to be sure.

via TechCrunch