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In a very unusual strategy, Apple has already invited several YouTubers to check the iPhone X up close

Every year, Apple follows a more or less fixed schedule when it launches a new iPhone. He starts pre-selling, a few days later the first reviews of the great international media come out, and he finally reaches the stores.

To iPhone X, things are very different. Today in the morning, Steven Levy, who was one of the few journalists who first tested the first iPhone more than ten years ago, has already published his impressions of the new device on WIRED.

Just now, several video clips of YouTubers who were invited by Apple to have an initial contact with the iPhone X. Check out:

Perhaps the most ironic of all this is a fact that ran the blogosphere in recent days, from a girl who filmed the iPhone X of her father, a (now ex) Apple employee, on the company's own campus in Infinite Loop.

Everything was done on the basis of a lot of innocence, of course, but the father of Brooke Amelia Peterson he knew he was breaking multiple internal rules by allowing her to do that (not even filming on the permitted campus, let alone filming a testing device with un-released software) and ended up being fired:

A little sad, yes, but it was the right thing to do otherwise, Apple could pass on an image to other employees that it doesn't care much about this kind of thing, or that it doesn't think the violation is serious enough just because the device it had already been announced. Can not.

Obviously, this is just a little preliminary content for you on the iPhone X. In four days, we will be with our hands and will bring several videos and posts here to the site, detailing all of it for you. Stay tuned! ?

via 9to5Mac, TNW, The Verge