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How to transfer your files from Android to Mac

Learn how to transfer your photos and files from Android to Mac using smart solutions from Google and third-party apps

One of the advantages of devices Android its ease of copying and pasting files to a computer simply by connecting them via USB. On computers Mac the scenario is a little different and requires some tasks from the user. These simple tasks, as we will show below.

Concerning the experience of its users on the Apple platform, Google created its official tool to facilitate file synchronization. The application is called Android File Transfer and allows you to browse and download your content on your computer with macOS.

Unfortunately, not everything is a bed of roses and there are varied reports of the application containing bugs and crashing. For convenience, many users end up choosing some cloud service to transfer their files, even if they need a stable internet connection.

Android File Transfer: the official way

To use the application I need your Mac to have the system macOS 10.7 or higher.

How to transfer your files from Android to Mac - Installing Google Android File Transfer on macOSInstalling Android File Transfer on macOS
  1. Download the Android File Transfer application directly from the Android website by clicking here.
  2. With the download complete, run the package AndroidFileTransfer.dmg.
  3. Just like installing most applications for macOS, click and drag it to the folder Applications, from left to right.
  4. Open the downloaded application. For security reasons, the system will ask if you are sure you want to open it. Confirm by clicking Open.
  5. Connect your smartphone to your Mac via the cable USB. Android File Transfer should load it automatically. If not, check your notification bar and change the settings to File Transfer / MTP Mode.
  6. In the application, locate the folder and files you want to transfer and with the movement of clicking and dragging take them to the Mac. Simple as that.

Smart transfer

The steps above can give the impression that the tool is solid enough to be used frequently and with confidence. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Generally, it takes several attempts to succeed and the user is faced with several error messages just to recognize the smartphone. This reality extends for years and ends up revealing that Google's priority is elsewhere.

The interface leaves something to be desired when manipulating the cell phone files, browsing through them or having access to preview them. On a Windows computer it is much easier to manage your content using Windows Explorer, native to the system, with shortcuts and everything.

Faced with this reality, it is easy to find numerous options for cloud storage solutions, many of them free, by the way, Google Drive. Similar services are also available: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, among others similar. Because it is a cloud, the user depends on a consistent internet connection for good performance. There is also the (well-rated) application Pushbullet, which allows you to push files remotely, but nothing compares to the stability and speed of a physical connection. Still, the developer community at para and thanks to them there are even more alternatives to Android File Transfer.

Android application - PushbulletApp Pushbullet connects your devices for sharing various functions, including applications

If you plan to frequently transfer a large amount of files daily from your smartphone, you need a more robust solution. This being the case, bet on the application Commander One from the company Eltima also developer of the video player Elmedia Player , in its version free or pay, which costs approximately $ 30 in the Pro version.

Commander One

Commander One application reception screenCommander One interface features

The flagship of Commander One is certainly its interface: it has a dual screen feature that gives you instant access to two folders or two drives. In the Pro version, one of the panels can be used to mount your Android smartphone, which means allowing you to click and drag files between your phone and your Mac in a single window. You can add multiple tabs on each panel and if you need to manipulate several files in different folders or another storage device, this is possible quickly and easily.

Commander One application reception screen - PRO pack

There are several additional features with the layout of two panels that leave Android File Transfer in the shoes. For beginners, you can preview the files in Commander One to decide which ones you want to save on your Mac, without worrying about checking their names. The feature can be activated by double-clicking or using Quick View.

Commander One also displays information for each file, such as size, extension, creation date, permissions, among others. You can still activate and deactivate folder view in order to avoid deeper access to your Android.

iOS too?

Yes. The same file manipulation facility that Commander One offers for your Mac-synced Android is also offered to your iPhone or iPad. However, the version of the application that includes these features works only by purchasing the application through the developer's website, not through the Mac App Store.

Cloud and remote servers together

Commander One is not limited to just a smartphone or Mac. In the professional version you have a panel where you can add your cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. Not only them, but it is also possible to connect to remote servers via FTP, SFTP or FTPS, Amazon S3, WebDAV, OpenStack and more.

Search tool

Android File Transfer does not have a search engine. This means that the user will have the manual work of locating their files to be transferred. However, Commander One has such a feature that it even challenges the Finder as a search service with support for Regular Expressions, Spotlight and search for keywords contained in documents including tablets.

Finder, but better

All of these features make Commander One an alternative to Android File Transfer to consider. However, if your need to transfer a few files at one time or another, your $ 30 may skip a good cost-benefit average.

Commander One application reception screen

The highlight of Commander One is to completely replace the file manager Finder Finder has evolved a lot over the years, receiving a lot of attention from Apple, but it still leaves something to be desired in some tasks for a portion of users.

At the top of the dual panel, there are options for other updates that give Commander One even greater power, if you have extra money. Features include hot keys, root system access, in-app access to Terminal of commands and process manager, and much more that you can find listed by clicking on here.

You can test most of these features in the free version, which you can download by clicking here. For more information on the difference between the free and Pro versions, there is a list by clicking on here. The application requires macOS 10.10 installed, or newer version.

Your files and photos safe

Only resources that make an application relevant and useful in our daily lives. The importance of paying attention to preserving your secure data is high, especially considering the number of vulnerabilities that researchers and developers keep investigating and correcting.

Do not forget that all storage devices are subject to failures and backups, or backups, they are important to be done regularly, thus ensuring that you never lose your travel photos and important documents. Whether copying them to a flash drive or syncing them to the cloud. There is no lack of solutions for this and we Showmetech we will always help with the best tips!