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How long would a MacBook Air battery last if it had the efficiency of 1991?

When we think of the advancement of computers, we immediately think of gigabytes, gigahertz and other quantities. However, not only do these numbers live on machines: energy efficiency is a very important thing. (So ??important was what made Mac OS X live a secret double life on Intel processors a few years ago.) A 1.7GHz Core i5 processor may seem like a bad deal, close to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo but there is much that these numbers do not reveal.

See, for example, the MacBook Air: the 13-inch model can stay up to seven hours away from the outlet. This is possible thanks to his energy efficiency and the ability to do a lot by consuming (and wasting) little. An article from The Atlantic demonstrates how much we have evolved in this regard by commenting that, if the Apple ultraportable had the same efficiency as a 20-year-old machine, it would work for

Internal view of the new MacBook Air

You know what? I'm in the mood to put a paragraph here.

There, the battery is over. That's right, the time it took you to read the paragraph above (about 2.5 seconds) as long as a MacBook Air battery would last, if it were like a 1991 computer. It would take 10,000 batteries to get the same seven hours imagine the Weight that in your backpack! This is almost as amazing as knowing that today's iPad was yesterday's supercomputer.

Working in this type of energy advance allows to produce machines that are more environmentally friendly and smaller. This is what made it possible to create the iPhone (a complete computer that fits in your pocket) and this is what will lead us to a future in which we can do more with less precisely the concept of "efficiency".

(via The Loop)