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Federal government is preparing an incentive package for the production of displays and semiconductors in Brazil

According to the, the federal government is planning a change in Padis (Program to Support Technological Development in the Semiconductor Industry, created in 2007) to increase incentives for the production of LCDs, LED screens and semiconductors in Brazil.

"The revision of the text is being worked on at this moment and, by the end of the year, a provisional measure will come out that will reduce taxes practically to zero to promote the sector", said Virglio Almeida, secretary of the Ministry of Science, during an event of the magazine The Economist.

iPad and iPhone 4 with the Brazilian flag

We will see LCDs and Brazilian chips in futures iGadgets?

The measures to be taken include cuts in PIS, Confins and Cide (Contribution of Intervention in the Economic Domain), in addition to investments in a program for the training of engineers specialized in displays. According to Almeida, only Foxconn is actively negotiating with the government to install a display industry in the country, and the BNDES would have advanced in forming the investor base to finance such a project.

Hopefully it will bear fruit: it is time for Brazil to start producing something of the technology it consumes, not to mention that this is quite a step towards the manufacture (and not just assembly) of iProducts over here.