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Easily access Twitter private messages from the TwIM app

Facebook already has its own part messaging app, Messenger. But what if you could also have a messaging application for the bird's social network?

Because with TwIMit is possible!

Sorry, app not found.

This application is designed to access direct messages (direct messages, or DMs) on Twitter in the most organized and practical way possible. With it, you can take advantage of iOS features such as 3D Touch, Siri, interactive notifications, as well as the possibility of sharing any link directly to one of the private conversations on Twitter.

TwIM is free, so just go to the App Store and download it. Once installed, just log in to your Twitter account and you're done! All of your previous DMs will be there and you can start new ones. The design is very similar to iMessage, but obviously with less features.

TwIM for iPhone

There are still some features that do not even have in the Twitter application itself, for example, sending your location directly to a conversation even if the other person does not have TwIM in that case, it opens in Google Maps or Apple Maps. In addition, there are emojis of their own, called "TwIMoji", which are a square version of the originals.

Download TwIM for free on the App Store and continue your private conversation even outside the Twitter app! ?

(via 9to5Mac)