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Defective MagSafe Adapter Owners May Get Free Replacement from Apple

As they say, justice is delayed but does not fail: in May 2009, a lawsuit was filed against Apple for defective MagSafes, a serious problem that has already caused machines to catch fire. Apple changed the design of its outside adapters a long time ago, but past ghosts still haunted it.

In addition, Apple today published details of the resolution of this process and consumers, fortunately, were victorious (like Germano Fronza, a Brazilian who managed to exchange his MagSafe long before that).

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-171645" style = "border: 1px solid gray;” title=”Defective MagSafe adapter” src=”” alt=”Defective MagSafe adapter” width=”400″ height=”195″ />

MacBook owners who have defective MagSafes will now be able to obtain a replacement model at no additional cost, even if their machine is out of warranty. It is clear that the component will be evaluated by Apple authorized networks, since only units that are proven to have a factory defect will be entitled to this as the one in the photo above, in a ?T? format. The new ones, in "L", hardly suffer from this problem of stress relief.

More details about the case can be seen on this website. Those interested in replacing must send the order by March 31, 2012 or up to three years after the purchase of their machine, whichever comes later.

(via MacRumors)