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Check out some good utilities that help improve your Mac's performance

Mac users know that the computer's operating system is wonderful! However, there are some options that help to make it ?heavier? instead of bringing performance gains not to mention the ?waste? that accumulates daily when surfing the internet or running different applications.

If you are free of unusable resources or "electronic waste" possible, however, they are not the easiest options to find in the system; I often have to deal with scripts or commands in the Terminal (something for which not much is prepared). Precisely for this reason, many optimization software for Macs were made and we list below four of them that can help you to improve your computer's performance.


CleanMyMac 3 app for OS X

Price: ~ R $ 132 (US $ 40) Developed by: MacPaw

If you don't know this app, you must be new to the Mac world. That's because it is one of the best known for "cleaning" Apple computers. And, really, there is no option simpler and more useful than him. Everything is very well organized and intuitive, so that any user without advanced knowledge can use it satisfactorily.

With CleanMyMac you can remove temporary files, correct errors, free memory, get rid of old backups iDevices that no longer serve any purpose, clean up junk and email attachments, in addition to being able to delete files from the system you don't use (like some languages ??you'll never use) or uninstall applications, check privacy permissions, delete extensions , enable / disable login voltage, make routine optimizations (DNS, Spotlight, etc.), among many other options. Yes, I know the price is salty, but it is a very complete app!


Cocktail "width =" 595 "height =" 601 "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-594701 "srcset =" 13-Cocktail.png 595w, 297w, wp-content / uploads / 2017/02/13-Cocktail-594x600.png 594w, 125w " sizes = "(max-width: 595px) 100vw, 595px" /></p>
<p style=Price: free to test; then ~ R $ 60 (US $ 19) Developed by: Maintain

The Cocktail has some cleaning tools similar to CleanMyMac; for example, with it is possible to clean Cookies, temporary files, downloads, browsing history, email attachments, caches, among many other things.

But in addition to the cleaning options, you can also analyze the status of the disks, optimize the use of virtual memory, modify the Time Machine options, disableswappingof virtual memory and run scripts maintenance periodically (which is great). Other options involve internet network settings (modifying speed, IP parameters and file sharing options) and interface (hidden from iTunes, Safari, Launchpad, as well as Finder preferences, window float, Dock, startup and more) .

For now, the application does not support our language, which ends up complicating a little more for those who are not used to the terms. Furthermore, there are so many options that it ends up not being so intuitive, making users of basic knowledge easily lost. However, if you are used to more complex options, it can be a great option for optimization as well as cleaning.


OnyX options for macOS

Price: free Developed by: Titanium Software

If you don't have a lot of money to invest in one of the two apps mentioned above, OnyX can be a great option!

Available for free on the website for basically all the latest Mac operating systems (starting with OS X Jaguar 10.2), OnyX as well as the others is a tool for both cleaning and maintenance and optimization of your Mac.

As soon as it starts, it analyzes your disk and suggests repairs, if necessary. In ?Maintenance?, he shows the structure of the disc, the permissions, the scripts and reconstruction options. In the ?Cleaning? panel, we find those same options to delete cache, DNS, Cookies, extensions, languages, fonts, records, etc.

Among the various preferences, it is still possible to enable / disable several general appearance options in ?Parameters?, such as general graphic effects, some settings of Finder, Dock, Safari, iTunes, and more.

In it, you can still consult the relevant information of your computer, such as model identifier, graphics card, available memory, system version and so on.

Being quite complete, OnyX is a combination of two other tools of the company. If you only want automation options, you can download the Maintenance. If you are only interested in personalization options, the path is the one Deeper. Remember that all tools are free.


TinkerTool app for macOS

Price: free Developed by: Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme

This may be one of the most popular applications related to system preferences as a whole. It is free, well organized and facilitates the work of enabling / disabling some system options that are either hidden or just not easily located. TinkerTool is the simplest way to personalize, for example, Finder, Safari and Dock, removing effects or adding interesting options for your daily use.

Unlike those mentioned above, it does not have cleaning options which can be a good thing for those who already have the cleaning tool of their choice. Indeed, he is the most basic, but that is not a bad thing; by using the system's own icons, it ends up being the most intuitive of all, allowing anyone to easily access the most advanced system preferences without having to be familiar with these more complex options.

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Final opinion

Regarding cleaning, CleanMyMac is the most complete (and most elegant / well organized) option, for sure. However, if you want an option for both cleaning and looking preferences and hidden system options, OnyX is the most complete app in addition to being free. However, of course, depending on the level of configuration you intend to perform (in smaller or larger proportions), it may be that the other software mentioned here is better suited to your use.

Having presented our tips and opinions, it is now up to you to choose which software (s) best meets your needs. ?