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Are you an anesthetist? Then meet Anest, an iPad app that will make your life easier

Who can know more about an exclusive application in an area than the professional who works in it? That is, when technology was closed only to those who understood technology, creating software for a specific area was laborious because it required extreme harmony between the expert's ideas and the programmer's work.

Nowadays, you can work in any area and still understand technology and develop your own apps. This is the case for Leonardo Paiva, who is a doctor, graphic designer and iOS developer, who joined two anesthetist doctors (Dr. Mrcio Marinho and Dr. Bruno Brasileiro) to create the application Anest.

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Anest is an application aimed at anesthetist doctors, which allows to facilitate the pre-anesthetic process by gathering all patient information in just one registration form. With the app, it is no longer necessary to consult stacks and stacks of tests or information about the patient; just enter Anest and they will be there, just a touch away.

The care is taken to create a notorious user-friendly application. Everything is very accessible and well organized, so that anyone can use the app on the iPad, even those who are not used to dealing with technology. In addition, most of the necessary information can only be selected, instead of the doctor having to type everything and wasting hours in the anamnesis process.

Within the app, each patient can have several evaluations that, in turn, have all the relevant information for the anesthetic process. That is, the user's personal data (identification, which is automatically filled in after the first evaluation), information on the proposed surgery such as diagnosis, date, anesthetic planning, among others. In addition to these options, it is still possible to add information from the medical history, physical examination, laboratory data and any type of image that is relevant as X-rays, etc.

The anesthetist can also define if there is an emergency in that procedure or not, as is the patient's physical state and more. Finally, it is possible to export the file in PDF and save it where you prefer or send it to anyone you want.

Anest is available on the App Store, for the time being only for iPad, for US $ 5 (promotional price with 50% discount, only for the first 1,000 downloads of it). Being the first version of the application, we can expect great news to appear soon.

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