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Apple starts offering educational package of its professional multimedia apps at a tremendous discount, but Brazil is left out [atualizado 3x: estamos dentro!]

You may not be reminded, but Apple still makes some software dedicated to professional users who are very well liked in their respective areas until Final Cut Pro X, which faced many controversies at the time of its release, has already recovered part of its former reputation . Today, students from the United States can celebrate, as Ma has just made available a package with five of these software specially for them and with a discount potentially causing tears.

Apple's Pro Apps Bundle for Education

The applications included in the Pro Apps Bundle for Education are as follows: Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 and MainStage 3. I feel like the Polishop narrator saying that, but let's go: together, these apps cost no less than US $ 629.95 (~ R $ 2,000), while in Apple's educational package everything goes for just $ 199 (~ R $ 620). To give you an idea, only the FCPX purchased separately would cost $ 299 under normal conditions. Must-see *!

The asterisk above to get the horse out of the rain soon, because if you are reading this text in Portuguese, it is very likely that it does not fit the main prerequisite for enjoying the promotion: being a student, teacher or employee of an educational institution of the USA, from kindergarten to university. Well: at least for now, Brazil will be left out of the game as well as all other countries in the world that do not border Mexico and Canada.

For the lucky ones contemplated with the offer, just make the purchase directly on the Apple website; codes for downloading applications from the Mac App Store are sent by email, usually after a working day although eventually the deadline may be extended a little. I would say that with such a discount, there is not much to complain about

(via The Loop)

Update · 02/03/2017 at 19:10

Comrades, maybe there is hope! According to the MacRumors, Apple confirmed that the package will soon be offered in other countries with its own educational store, "like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom", as the website itself writes. It is good to remember that we do have a Brazilian educational store, but as no one spoke in all countries that have one of them, let us not be cheered up before the hour. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream, right? ?

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 02/06/2017 s 22:21

Now, confirmed:

Soon, the educational package will be made available here in Brazil as well.

Update III, by Rafael Fischmann · 02/09/2017 s 14:01

Ready! ? As promised, Apple has just released the ?Pack of professional apps for education? in your Brazilian educational online store. They cost R $ 629.00 at 12x or R $ 566,10 even better price than the American.