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Apple Pay lands in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the United Arab Emirates

Since the beginning of August, Apple had announced that four more countries would receive the Apple Pay in 2017: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and United Arab Emirates.

Just yesterday the subject had already come up in a subject that brought numbers from Apple Pay, but now for real: Ma's mobile payment system is now available in 20 countries, in a quadruple expansion that happens more than five months (!) after the last one, when he landed in Italy.

There are already rumors about a possible arrival of Apple Pay Germany as well, but at least according to what the company has said so far and also considering the pace at which these expansions are taking place, it is likely that we will only see news in this regard now in 2018. And hope that Brazil will be among the next on the list

In all of these countries, Apple Pay is already accepted by numerous physical stores (via NFC) and also online. Support for banks and credit / debit cards varies by location.