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Apple executive who participated in the creation of the iPod and the iTunes Store would be working on the much talked about iTV [atualizado]

All of a sudden, the subject ?iTV? (an Apple TV) came up with total force in a comment made by Steve Jobs to the author of his authorized biography, Walter Isaacson.

Now, the Bloomberg he even mentions the name of an executive who would be working on the project: Jeff Robbin, an engineer who participated in the creation of the iPod (alongside Tony Fadell) and had a major influence on the development of the iTunes Store.

ITV mockup; Engadget

If the project is really hot, it just shows that Apple is intent on expanding its leadership in smartphones / tablets / entertainment content also to the living room in a fully integrated way.

Perhaps what makes it more difficult to believe these rumors is the fact that, in a limited way, we can only imagine that Apple's entry into the television segment would mean it simply stamping the apple logo on a more beautiful housing than the current ones. It must be much bigger than that.


Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry speculates a little about iTV compared to Bose VideoWave.

For him, Apple greatly simplifies the concept of TV and its interface, making it as simple as possible while offering excellent image and sound quality with 16 speakers arranged in a very thin housing. ?They will be able to provide an experience surround sound complete, without the need for external boxes, ?says Chowdhry.

Instead of a single model that is the case with VideoWave, $ 5,200 per 46 inches), Apple would have three models with varying prices, with all of them integrated into iTunes and iCloud.

(via AllThingsD)