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Apple Earns “B-” Rating on Greenpeace Greener Electronics Rating

In yet another survey regarding the efforts of companies not to harm the environment, the Greenpeace published your Guide to Greener Electronics (Guide to Greener Electronics), which classifies the environmental practices of 17 large companies (including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, among others).

It seems that all of Ma's efforts are really working; at least in this rating that assessed energy, resource consumption and chemicals, Apple got one of the best grades! It came in second, behind Fairphone, whose main objective is to create environmentally friendly devices with the least possible environmental impact.

Greenpeace - Greener Electronics

Apple won "A" in efforts involving sustainable energy (which is nothing new, since there are several initiatives with this focus in the company), "B" for the use of dangerous chemicals and "C" for consumption of resources.

Putting all the questions together, however, Ma managed "B-", a much higher note than those of other giants such as Microsoft (?C-?), Sony (?D +?), Google (?D +?), Samsung (?D-?) and Amazon (?F?). The best grade, as we mentioned, was from Fairphone (?A?).

According to Greenpeace, Apple is the only company to set a renewable energy target for both its own facilities and its supply chain, with several of its suppliers having committed to using 100% renewable energy.

Apple Greenpeace Note

Something that only the Cupertino giant and Google were able to do was to completely eliminate the presence of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from their products.

Several aspects of Apple were praised by Greenpeace, but not everything is flowers. Regarding what still needs to be improved, ?planned obsolescence as a design resource? was cited, stating that companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung would be among those ?going in the wrong direction? when it comes to designing sustainable products. In this regard, HP, Dell and Fairphone were approved for creating more repairable products with easily upgradable components.

The entire Greenpeace report on Apple can be read in this PDF file.

In general, we know that there is still a long road to walk, but the note received shows that Ma is on the right track.

via MacRumors