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Amazon Chime launches and arrives to compete directly with Skype for Business

In the not too distant past, we have seen a war of email clients proliferate over both mobile and desktop operating systems. For now I would say that we are seeing something similar, only for the market of corporate communicators.

There are many options available today: there are those that focus more on written communication even though they offer audio and / or video resources, such as HipChat and Slack (the latter currently used by us, here on MacMagazine); there are also those focused on audio or video conversations that offer simple chat features, such as Skype for Business. Not to mention, of course, other solutions even more focused on companies, such as GoToMeeting and WebEx (from Cisco). Today, another important member was launched to compete in this market: the Amazon Chime.

With apps available for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android, Amazon Chime offers the possibility for users to communicate in different ways, whether through an audio call, video call, virtual meeting (with several people) or chat, and can also share content and screens.

The main differential of Chime is simplicity (although many, like me, may find the interface in bad taste) and the focus on the quality of the conversation. According to the company, the service uses noise-canceling broadband technology to provide crystal-clear audio, which is better than a typical cell phone call; the high definition video is optimized for the device you are using, in order to provide clear and easy to view images.

Amazon Chime interface for macOS

When there is a meeting, participants are notified and, when clicking / touching the button, they are immediately connected (without the need to enter passwords or the like). There is also the option of notifying that you are late for the meeting by clicking / tapping the button "Running Late".

Amazon also invests in a simple visual organization, facilitating the management of meetings. You can see who joined the meeting, who is late and who cannot attend; the app also indicates if there is any background noise being picked up by the microphone of any participant, anyone can then silence the participant in question so as not to disturb the progress of the meeting.


The service also allows you to create and use your own personalized meeting URL for all of your online meetings. Since it is always accessible, you can use it to start a meeting instantly; You can also join a meeting using a standard phone number, record meetings (audio, video and even screen shares) in the cloud, schedule a meeting via Outlook or add the email in the invitation to the meeting starts automatically at the scheduled time, among other things.

Amazon Chime has three plan options: Basic (chat, chat rooms and video calls with two people; free), Plus (ditto Basic with screen sharing and use of corporate directory; $ 2.50 monthly per person) and Pro (meetings with up to 100 people and custom URLs; $ 15 monthly per person).

(via PCWorld)