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Activate the new 2-step verification and make your WhatsApp more secure

Never too much security, right? Even more when it comes to the main means of communication for many people, with contacts and sensitive data.

Today, Facebook announced a new layer of security already available on WhatsApp Messenger which we strongly recommend that you all activate as soon as possible: two-step verification.

The feature that was already in tests for a few months was very simple / quick to activate: just go inside Settings (on WhatsApp itself), "Account" area, select "Two-Step Verification" and touch "Activate". You only need to create and confirm a six-digit password (hint: avoid 111111, 112233, 123456 and the like) and then, optionally, enter a recovery email. Ready! ?

With this enabled, you will need to enter your six digit password whenever you register your phone number associated with WhatsApp on a different phone, a simple but effective method of preventing someone else from impersonating you in extreme cases. As a way to make sure that the person does not forget his six-digit password, WhatsApp also starts asking for it periodically before it is opened (do not be daily or anything like that, don't worry).

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(via Phone Arena)