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“2017 Superstar Mac Bundle”: pay as much as you want for these 12 apps!

How about you pay as much as you want for a package including 12 apps for Mac?

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

This is the proposal of the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle, launched today by our friends at StackSocial.

I am not bundle the Passenger Pro, Wilde, LaunchBar 6, Super Vectorizer 2, Commander One PRO Pack, Stock + Pro 3, Archiver 3, Renamer 5, Look Up, Unclutter, NotePlan and Mac Screen Recorder apps, which together would normally cost $ 387.

The guys' balcony raises the average price paid by users little by little, so you only take 12 if you pay more than the general average currently at $ 11.99. If you choose a value lower than this, it is still quite worth it for NotePlan and Mac Screen Recorder.

O 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle stay on the air for only six days. Enjoy! ?