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You can now exchange your third-party email address for Apple domains at Apple ID

Yesterday, Apple made a small update to the way users access their Apple ID with an email. From now on, everyone using a third party email address like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. linked to Apple ID may exchange them for a domain of Apple.

Previously, it was only possible to change the email linked to the Apple ID if both the old and the new address were from third parties. For example, if you used an Outlook email linked to your ID and wanted to change it to a Gmail address, you could do it. However, the same could not be done with Apple domains.

A reader of MacRumors, identified as Dillon, sent some emails to Ma executives to request the appeal. He said that after a week, Apple returned, saying the problem had been fixed.

Changing an Apple ID-linked email

For a long time, if you used a third-party email address in your Apple ID, you could not change it to an Apple email address, even if the address was on the same account.

Two weeks ago, I emailed Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue. I explained the situation and asked if they could fix it. Last week, I received an email and a phone call from someone at Apple Executive Relations (Apple Executive Relations). The attendants I spoke with told me that the problem would be passed on to an engineering team for verification. Today I received another call and an email informing me that the problem had been solved.

I tried and said and done I can finally set my Apple email as my Apple ID!

Apple's English support page was updated yesterday and now includes a section confirming that it is possible to exchange a third-party email address for an email address @, @ or @ Once completed, however, the process will no longer be reversible and your third party email will remain linked to your Apple ID, but as an additional address.

The Brazilian support page has not yet been updated and, when testing, I was also unable to proceed with the change in the Apple ID management page. However, as the MacRumors, the functionality seems to be still being released gradually to users.

Therefore, we can only wait for the functionality to effectively apply to all users. When this happens, if you want to change your address, remember to follow all the steps on the page, including logging out on all your devices.