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WSJ: Sharp will supply screens for the next generation of iPad

iPads 2According to Wall Street Journal, a Sharp factory of TV screens is expected to start producing smaller displays by the end of the year, aimed at the next generation of the iPad. Could it be that the rumor about Sharp making the iTV originated?

Currently, the Japanese firm partnering with Ma in the production of screens for iPhones, and it would be a natural evolution to entrust it with the manufacture of components for more products, even because LG has been lacking in quality control, and Samsung well, Samsung.

Despite the tumultuous relationship with Sammy, Apple should keep it in its supplier ranks for at least two more years, due to long-term agreements. This does not, however, prevent both companies from seeking to ?go out with other people?. In the case of Apple, especially, since the iPad continues to sell like bananas at the fair.

One thing remains in the air, however: whether these screens that Sharp will manufacture are Retina or not.

(via MacStories)