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Samsung opens factory in Austin (Texas) dedicated practically to Apple A5

Disputes in the courts, publicity attacks none of that, for now, seems to be hindering the partnership between Apple and Samsung in the production of A5 chips. According to the Reuters, this quarter the South Korean opened a factory in Austin (Texas) which contradicts all this animosity between the Sammy and Ma.

Apple A5 processor

Now, at the beginning of the month, such a factory would have entered full production and would be almost entirely focused on the Apple A5 chips, present in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 in these gadgets, one of the few components manufactured in the United States. The factory is no less than 148,000 square meters and cost $ 3.6 billion, creating 1,100 new jobs.

Apparently, information about the partnership between Apple and TSMC was not so hot. After all, no company would build a $ 3.6 billion factory dedicated to virtually Ma, only to soon lose its supply contract. There are certainly good guarantees for this partnership between the Cupertino giant and Sammy go on for a while.

(via 9to5Mac)