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Rumor: new iPad without Home button and Face ID could arrive in 2018

So far, the concept was only in the flimsy imagination of some designers. Now, we have a real rumor.

According to sources heard today by the Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new iPad with Face ID and without Start button (Home), obviously and intends to launch it by the end of 2018.

The design of the new tablet has, like the iPhone X, very small borders and a front part almost entirely occupied by its screen. However, the information so far indicates that it * will not * be OLED, probably due to the inability of Apple suppliers such as Samsung, LG, Japan Display, Sharp, etc. to produce and deliver the component in quantities and with the quality required by it.

Apple would also be working, they say, on a new version of Pencil with extra features built into the iPad software.

This new model is expected to arrive just over a year after the last major update of the iPad Pro line, which took place last June. There is a good chance that this new concept will land first on just one version (screen size) of the iPad, just as Apple did with the iPhone.