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Rumor: Apple is talking to content companies about the future of televisions

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is talking to media executives at major companies about its vision for the future of TV. Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and internet services, would be the person in charge of this, having outlined new ways in which Ma technologies could be used on various devices (phones, tablets and * televisions *) all through motion controls and by voice.

Apple TV and Siri

Nothing in-depth or concrete was presented, much less plans to launch a new product, but according to "people close to the company's plans", one of the ideas involves new ways of transmitting content, allowing the user to start watching something on TV and change easily for a iGadget, continuing to consume the same content on-the-go. In other words, it would be a kind of ?turbocharged AirPlay?.

Another possibility would be the integration between the content (movies, TV series, etc.) and iCloud, which would allow you to ?pause? the program and continue watching it afterwards nothing much different than what already happens today with TiVo or even even with TVs like LG?s Time Machine. Not to mention, of course, voice and movement commands ( there Microsoft's Kinect), which would also be implemented.

You can call me a skeptic, but this is all smoke. Nothing, no information other than what has already been said appeared in this matter. Want more? According to the newspaper, such meetings took place not because of Apple: the entertainment companies would have asked to sit down and talk to Apple in order to find out about the latest plans coming from Cupertino most likely do not want to be caught by surprise. Anyone who knows the Cupertino giant at all knows that it only reveals its plans at the right time, and not because "partners" want to better understand the future designed by it, or because they want to know more about upcoming releases.

Furthermore, nothing that has been said necessarily needs new hardware. Everything that has been said would work very well on a current Apple TV (at most in an updated version), why would a 55 inch television do this?

You see, I'm not against an Apple television. For me, Ma can get into this market with everything, kicking the door. I will love it! What bothers me is vehicles screaming ?it's the proof that everyone wanted Apple to launch a television?, when in fact, everything that speaks more of the same. Of course Apple can launch a television, but if it does, it * needs * to make sense. And with today's information, it still doesn't.

(via MacRumors)