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Plex Cloud is released to all service subscribers, allowing content streaming without a physical server of its own

Without a doubt, the Plex It is one of the most used tools for macOS, Windows or Linux users who value an organized, accessible and easy to maintain multimedia content library. Until today, however, the service required the existence of a personal server, usually a computer always on and connected to the Internet, with all the saved media taking up space on the disk, in order to function properly. Now, for paying Plex users, this process is no longer necessary.

TV - Plex Cloud

This is because the resource has just been released for all Plex Pass users (which costs from US $ 5 per month) Plex Cloud, which allows you to upload your entire content library to any of the compatible cloud services, making it possible to use Plex without having to have your own server connected at all times. For now, the services compatible with the resource are the Dropbox, O Google Drive it's the OneDrive, with the prospect of adding other competitors in the future, did anyone mention iCloud? I don't think so.

Plex Cloud has been available in trial version for selected users since October, but works with the Amazon Cloud Drive service which required a $ 60 per year user subscription. However, the Plex team claimed to have encountered problems with the service and decided to rethink the approach to Plex Cloud, arriving at the ?agnostic-cloud? version that was launched today.

Of course, Plex users who have gigantic libraries, occupying terabytes of digital space, will not be able to take advantage of the new feature without paying a considerable amount to some cloud service (Google Drive, for example, charges a hefty R $ 350 / ms for 10TB of storage). Still, I have the option of doing the streaming of films, series, videos and photos directly from the cloud without having to worry about the technical details of the thing.

(via TechCrunch)