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PCI-SIG announces PCI Express 4.0 standard, which could double the performance of the current

What would you do with data transfer at 2GB / s? You can imagine, since PCI-SIG announced yesterday the successor to the PCIe 3.0 standard, and it will be able to double current performance. This speed was chosen for PCI Express 4.0 to ensure backward compatibility and keep prices low until mass adoption, maximizing performance and minimizing energy consumption.

PCI Express

PCIe 4.0 should be the last standard based on copper for its future, just as in the case of Thunderbolt, it is on optical connections. Do not wait, however, as the completion of standard 4.0 will only take place around 2015, we will have to continue to be content with the electrons for another five to ten years, while we will not be able to jump to the ftons.

Perhaps a future update of the Mac Pro (if it still exists three years from now) could win PCIe 4.0. Although this pattern does not represent much if nothing appears that is compatible with it, no? Just like the Thunderbolt.

(via The Verge | image via Wikipedia)