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IPod nano recall: users report that they may receive current gadgets instead of old models [atualizado]

First generation nano iPodsIn early November, Apple announced a worldwide recall of first generation iPod nano. The new handsets started to be delivered a week later and, as expected, it was the 2005 model.

Now the MacRumors informed that, after this "first wave", delays were installed and many users started to contact Apple, in order to know what was happening. The answer given by the support was that the company faced a problem of scarcity of boxes and other materials used in the replacement of the devices, which prevented the fast procedure.

However, it seems that the problem may even be the lack of first generation nano iPods, used to replace defective models. As a result, Ma would be exchanging the 2005 model for current, sixth generation units. No consumer has received the device yet, but a quick visit to the MacRumors shows that some customers have received a confirmation email from Apple, with information about changing the gadget. This email has the serial number of the replacement model and, with it in hand, users entered Ma's support page to find out which gadget was sent. Ma's registration confirmed that this is the current model, that is, the sixth generation.

iPod nano 6th generation

Nothing guarantees that this will actually happen, it could be just an error in registering the serial number, or even an isolated case, you will know. However, many customers will start receiving replacement iPods starting this Wednesday, which they can prove ( or not) change.

More information about the replacement program can be seen on the Apple support page. If anyone around here gets one of these, shout!


The replacement was expected for Wednesday, December 21, but some orders started to arrive today, as shown in the photo below:

Exchange - iPod nano Recall

Inside the box was a sixth-generation iPod nano, proving that Apple is even exchanging the first-generation gadget for the most current one. Also according to the user who received the order, the warranty for the new model has expired, which leaves us with two possibilities: 1. iPods sent to customers are reconditioned (refurbished); 2. the warranty has been disabled by Apple.

We will see if Brazilian consumers will also receive nanos of the current generation. Incidentally, would you prefer to receive the old classic or sixth generation model?

(via MacRumors)